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What Is Sticky Content in Social Media Marketing?

What Is Sticky Content in Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has now become the new battlefield where businesses duke it out. Their weapon of choice is of course the humble “content”. But there is nothing humble about content if you know how to use it.

To win in the social media marketing battlefield businesses need to ensure their content is the right kind. Why? Because if they don’t then they will be destroyed in the competition and lose their chance to attract people like you and me. 

So what’s one way businesses ensure their content is the right kind? Sticky content! Well, that wasn’t the answer you were expecting, were you? 

What is sticky content in social media marketing? This is the question whose answer you need; we are here to give it to you. We will discuss everything from A to Z about sticky content so that you can use this new weapon and beat all your competition.

What Is Sticky Content?

Sticky content is basically what it says it is its content that’s sticky. That was the answer to what is sticky content in social media marketing. Not what you were expecting again, were you? 

These are content that sticks in your mind for days, weeks, or, if it's really good, for months. The content can be any type or style. All that matters is that it's authentic and memorable. Sticky content doesn’t always have to be positive; even something controversial on social media can be deemed sticky.

So long as the content makes you want to like, share, or comment on it then you can call it a sticky content. But this is exactly what makes creating sticky content so challenging. Businesses need to determine how to make their content unique and memorable compared to the thousands on the platform at any time.

Why Sticky Content Matters in Social Media Marketing?

On top of being very attentive, sticky content matters in social media marketing for other reasons as well. Here are some of them:

Grabs Attention

You are looking to learn what sticky content is in social media marketing because you want to make your content memorable. Sticky content catches the eye of an audience and keeps it. 

Experts estimate that we are being bombarded with thousands of pieces of content a day. But in reality, we only remember a dozen or so, which makes those contents sticky. 

Increases Engagement

Once you publish content that has the sticky potential you are guaranteed to bring more engagement to your profile and businesses. Your target audience will want to like, comment, and share your sticky content. The more people want to talk about it, the more connections you can create through your profile and content.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Publishing more sticky content will strengthen your bond with your target audience. Sticky content creates engagement between yourself, the brand, and the audience. 

Drives Traffic

Sticky content makes your audience engage more with you. This drives traffic to your brand website and other platforms. The more people engage with your content, sticky or otherwise, the more they will learn about you. The more they learn the more willing they will be to visit your website and make purchases or contact. You can say curiosity; thy name is sticky content. 

Boosts Visibility

Sticky content is meant to be engaging and you can’t be engaging without being visible. The stickier your content is the more people will like and share it. This will enforce the social media platform’s algorithm to push your content to other people. Thus you become more visible on the platform. Sticky content is the new best way to boost your organic traffic on social platforms.

Types of Sticky Content

As we said, sticky content comes in all shapes and flavors. Here are the most common ones seen in social media marketing: 


Probably the hardest kind of sticky content to make but the most impactful one of them all. Sticky videos can be shot in many different ways to showcase your business and its products or services. But they all tend to be very engaging and memorable. You can make it about your products or service, show some behind-the-scenes footage, or even just plain be entertaining.


This is another difficult type of sticky content that is more about educating your target audience. You can blend up text and visuals to make your sticky content more sticky. But the best ones are very simple to read and understand. Commonly these sticky infographics share statistics, explain concepts, or provide step-by-step guides.


The most common type of sticky content seen on social platforms. Memes are meant to be jokes that go viral on social platforms. They can be either funny videos or pictures that have a catchy caption. Viewers often share the memes because of how trendy or funny they are. Businesses may use sticky memes to make their product, service, or even business seem more funny and connect with people more easily. 

How-to Guides

It is one of the lesser-known kinds of sticky content closely resembling infographics. These are instruction manuals that can be written for several topics. For example, they can be about how to use the brand's product or service to solve a common issue your target audience might face.

How To Create Sticky Content?

That’s all we had to say about what is sticky content in social media marketing. So now let’s go over how you might create some for your business and brand. Sad to say there is no one size fits all regarding sticky content. 

Instead of giving you instructions on creating them, we will give you instructions on what you should do to make them. 

Know Your Audience

You must know who you are creating your sticky content for. You need to analyze and determine who your target audience is and what they like or don’t like. This information is what will help you create the ideal sticky content guaranteed to boost engagement and traffic.

Identify What Resonates

Once you know more about your target audience you can start creating content plans. You can also analyze your past content to see which ones had the most engagement. Play to your strengths, no one asked that you become something you aren’t. Stay original but tweak your approach when creating sticky content. This is what will help you make something that grabs the viewer's attention.

Tell Compelling Stories

Every piece of sticky content you find will tell a story, and so must yours. People love to see and read stories so you must as well. These stories also need to evoke emotion in the viewers. If you can do so then you will make them engage with you even more.

Learn about ways to create unique content for social media from experts.

Incorporate Multimedia Elements

Don’t stay with just one type of content even if you can make it sticky consistently. Experiment and find other content types to work with. By mixing it up you will be able to keep your audience guessing and engaging. We recommend working with different visual content because that’s what the people like most.

Keep It Simple and Clear

Sticky contents aren’t meant to be hard to read and figure out. Instead, they must be simple and clear because they are meant to be engaging. Whatever message you add to your content must be easy to understand in whatever form you put it in. 

Add Value

You need to ensure your content is helpful to your audience in some way. Even the memes you share must tell your audience something. The more valuable you can make your content, the higher the chances of it becoming sticky.

Be Authentic

Nothing beats authentic content and nothing will. The more genuine, honest, and transparent your content is the better the chances will be of it being sticky. Stay true to who you are as a business and brand to seem authentic to your audience.


Sticky content in social media marketing is any form of content that sticks to the audience’s mind. The more engaging and thoughtful the content is, the more likely viewers will remember it. By being more engaging, sticky content boosts your website traffic and, ultimately, sales. 

Sticky content comes in all manners and shapes with the visual ones being most well received. But there is no clear method of creating them. Therefore businesses and brands must figure out what works for them and their target audience. More Than Panel is here to help your business with Social Media Marketing.

If you are looking to create sticky content then you need to analyze who you are creating them for and ensure they will want to view it. Another practice you should follow is to be authentic because that’s what people are looking for nowadays.

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